Safe in our World is an organisation that creates and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry. About this important to...View Details

Devcom podcast presents you a special episode with our host Lars Janssen. Today we welcome Felicia Prehn to talk about "decades of managing divers com...View Details

Jens Begemann is the co-founder of Wooga. In this episode of "devcom podcast" he gives us an overview of the importance of a healthy company culture a...View Details

In todays episode of "devcom podcast" our hosts Lars and Nico speaks to David Bateson and Mark Estdale. Mark is a british sound engineer and voice di...View Details

Todays guest Prof. Odile Limpach has over 25 years experience in this industry. She is co-founder of spielfrabrique and professor at the Cologne Game ...View Details

Your game is ready! So what´s next? The launch, but how? and how does anyone notice it? In this episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen spea...View Details

In this Episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks with Johanna Janiszewski. Together with her husband she founded in 2016 her studio Ti...View Details

With Teut Weidemann we welcome a real veteran of the German games industry. He was part of one of the first German game studios, Rainbow Arts, and wor...View Details

With Astrid Mie Refstrup we speak to the co-founder of Triple Topping Games studio Astrid shares with us her stories about building up a small studio...View Details

Christopher Schmitz has a long time experience in the video games industry. Starting in the Demoscene his history looks like the who is who of the bus...View Details

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