In this episode of the devcom podcast, our host Lars Janssen welcomes Gundolf S. Freyermuth and Björn Bartholdy, two key people behind the success of the Cologne Game Lab.
The institute has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and we take a look at the history and how the team managed to build the Cologne Game Lab into one of the most renowned places of teaching and research in the games industry. They won the "Best Serious Game"-Award with their game "Welten der Werkstoffe" at the "Der deutsche Computerspielpreis" in 2021.

00:00:15 Welcome
00:00:58 Introduction of Gundolf Freyermuth and Bjoern Bartholdy
00:02:48 Founding the Cologne Game Lab
00:07:01 Convincing the investors
00:08:57 Getting students for a new program 
00:10:54 Moving forward with the bachelor program
00:14:29 The accessment process  
00:17:01 The different programs 
00:18:22 The diversity at the Cologne Game Lab
00:24:25 Entrepeneurship 
00:30:19 Research projects
00:41:36 Eliminating the boundaries
00:45:20 The "Clash of Realities" Conference
00:51:30 A look into the future
00:54:59 Goodbye

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