Working in the games industry is a dream for many. But such a dream can quickly become a burden. If the pressure at work isn't already hard enough, li...View Details

Today it is really easy to release a game. But the number of competitors is immense and you need attention to sell your game. So good PR is important....View Details

Most of you will probably remember your first VR moment – but the challenge often lies in getting people back after the initial “wow factor”. Alex Sil...View Details

There’s a controversial set of topics everyone – not only in the games industry – seems to be talking about at the moment: blockchain, crypto, and NFT...View Details

In this episode of "devcom podcast" our host Lars (he/him) welcomes Pauliina Törnqvist (she/her). Pauliina is producer for one of the biggest franchis...View Details

Code Coven is the first global games industry accelerator for underrepresented talent. Equality, diversity, and inclusion is embedded into their DNA. ...View Details

Jess Mulligan and Don Daglow are online games pioneers with a combined total experience of over 80 years in making games. They both helped shape our i...View Details

Mimimi Games at its core has been around for more than 10 years and is well-known for titles like Shadow Tactics or Desperados III. They recently won ...View Details

In this episode, we welcome Thomas Bidaux, CEO at ICO Partners. In a conversation with our host Lars Janssen, he shares his thoughts about the current...View Details

Shaun Rutland is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hutch Games Ltd. After more than five years working for PlayStation at Sony, he left the company to found h...View Details

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