Devcom podcast presents you a special episode with our host Lars Janssen. Today we welcome Felicia Prehn to talk about "decades of managing divers communities". With over 17 years of experience Felicia gives as a lot of insights into community management. Felicia is also the keynote speaker of the "call for change conferece".

00:00:15 - Welcome
00:01:11 - Introduction Felica Prehn
00:02:49 - Becoming as a non-estonian a estonian radio host
00:07:53 - What did you learned as beeing a community manager
00:10:05 - Managing different communities
00:14:20 - How to: don´t loose your sanity - Part 1
00:16:51 - Several ways of handling toxic community members
00:21:41 - How to: don´t loose your sanity - Part 2
00:24:47 - Recognizing warning signs
00:30:10 - The right time to intervine
00:40:02 - The difference of games communities
00:46:05 - Mixing the parts of a producer and a community manager in a project
00:47:42 - The imporatance of community management as a part of the game developing
00:53:45 - Building up a international community management team 
01:01:47 - The pace of change
01:05:08 - Good bye

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