In this episode, our host Lars Janssen talks to Gerard Whelan, David O´Connor and Christian Fonnesbech from Leverage about building brands and IPs for games – an important aspect of game development that sometimes gets ignored. Our guests will share some insights into the differences between a brand and an IP and why they are especially important for a indie studios. 

00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:40 Introduction of the Leverage team
00:06:16 Why is building an IP so important?
00:13:53 The difference between a brand and an IP
00:18:12 Bringing the process to developers and the associated challenges
00:22:50 Creativity that helps build a brand
00:27:08 Experience with hiring a brand agency
00:33:29 Definition of a brand 
00:39:41 The luck trap
00:41:49 An IP needs a character
00:45:26 How can a small indie developer build a brand?
00:52:17 Moving from brand to IP
00:59:36 Goodbye

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