In this episode of the devcom podcast, our host Lars speaks with Chris Cataldi, Co-Founder and COO at Genvid Technologies. Chris offers us a view into the techniques and development of interactive streaming. He also shares some insights into their massive interactive live event "Rival Peak" that just finished its first season on Facebook. So, let's dive into an interesting conversation about viewer participation and AI-driven games.

00:00:15 Welcome
00:00:50 Introduction Chris Cataldi
00:03:13 Talking about Genvid the importance of interactive streaming
00:06:55 The Level of interaction for players
00:12:29 The possibilties and challenges of the live play experience
00:17:55 Influence into the game
00:26:10 Talking about the technology
00:38:40 Rival Peak and the next steps
01:02:02 The connection between AI driven games and classic games
01:14:25 Goodbye 

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