In this episode of "devcom podcast", Lars talks to Matias Myllyrinne, CEO at Redhill Games. Matias originally started in the games industry with little experience at Remedy in 1999, moving on to Wargaming and then, in 2018, founded his own studio. He talks about his journey, why you would risk a safe job and move to video games, and how to lead through difficult situations like, for instance, a global pandemic.

  • 00:00:00 Welcome 
  • 00:01:03 Introduction and spelling the Name Myllyrin 
  • 00:03:05 How to get in the videogame business and founding Red Hill Games 
  • 00:08:30 Why risk a safe job and how to convince Remedy to get this job with no experience 
  • 00:14:10 Treat a team fair as a leader 
  • 00:20:05 Did the pandemic change your way to lead? 
  • 00:30:20 How to handle the loss of direct human to human interaction 
  • 00:35:14 The role of a CEO in a shaping culture 00:43:00 Create a safe space for everyone   
  • 00:48:49 The role of diversity and different backgrounds in a team
  • 01:00:15 Finding the right talent for the company    
  • 01:07:26 Goodbye
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