This is the rerelease of the first episode of "devcom podcast". Our host Lars Janssen welcomes the top management tier of Intellivision Entertainment: legendary videogames composer and CEO, Tommy Tallarico; renowned game developer and board member David Perry; Xbox veteran and the company’s global MD, J Allard, and their President of European Operations, Hans Ippisch. 

They talk about how they pooled their experience to release the new family home video game console Amico (Italian for “friend”). Their idea is to bring families together again in front of the TV to enjoy easily accessible games. What brings this team together? What is the vision behind Amico and how do developers benefit from this? 


00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:14 The Vision of Amico
00:11:20 Building the Games 
00:18:30 Supporting the developer
00:30:15 How to bring the Amico to the People
00:34:10 Building an experience
00:39:18 Who buys Videogames?
00:44:59 Easy access is the key
00:53:27 Talking about the Amico games
01:07:39 Finding the perfect audience
01:20:35 Family friendly brands
01:28:50 Looking into the future
01:34:50 Working for Intellivision
01:40:33 The Passion
01:47:44 Goodbye

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