Growing up in the 80s was almost fantastic in western europe. Access to new electronic devices and growing up with computers and consoles. But behind the iron curtain that is a different story. Lars speaks with Andrada Fiscutean and Jaroslav Švelch how it was to design games and get access to computers in eastern europe. They speak about building computer clones and creating games against the regime. 

00:00:15 Welcome
00:01:28 Introduction Andrada Fiscutean
00:03:11 Introduction Jaroslav Svelch
00:05:11 Work at computers in the 80s behind the iron curtain?
00:08:56 Getting a computer
00:14:41 How to get the knowledge to build computers?
00:18:36 Meeting other computer fans
00:20:31 sharing knowledge with other countries
00:23:37 Game developing behind the iron curtain
00:28:41 Does the society recognise this scene?
00:31:38 Getting a job 
00:33:21 Games againts the regime and bringing that back
00:37:21 What kind of role did games play back then?
00:40:41 What happend after the fall of the iron curtain?
00:46:59 Talking about the actual situation for game developers in eastern europe
00:50:56 Goodbye
Play "Indiana Jones in Wenceslas Square" 
Order the Book "Gaming the Iron Curtain" from Jaroslav Švelch

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