In this new episode of our "devcom podcast" our host Lars Janssen speaks to Mikka Luotio. Mikka has over 15 years exeperience in building and leading teams in Business development, Game production, Marketing, Product management & Partnership relations and is now Senior Business Development Manager at Xsolla in Berlin. Mika talks about the challenges and opportunities of developing games for different platforms.


00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:22 Introduction Mikka Luotio
00:05:05 How does the mobile market evolves in the last decade
00:15:07 Will Plattforms like Apple and Google open up more?
00:20:38 The challenges of working with crossplay
00:25:52 How Xsolla help independent studios
00:28:10 Bringing games to multiple plattforms
00:33:23 Do more developers focus on crossplay and can small studios keep up?
00:37:12 Be competitive with a new game
00:41:54 The imporantance of influencers on different plattforms 
00:45:35 the biggest challenge for publishers
00:50:13 Goodbye

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